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HappyFeet Classes

We have a variety of programs to fit all children’s needs. All of our programs use our friendly "story time with a soccer ball" approach that has received recognition by many early education experts as the premier preschool-age fitness program. Find out which type of classes suit your child's needs.

  • Community Group Classes (ages 3 - 5 yrs) - Tuesdays and / or Thursdays  from 3:30pm - 4:00pm 
  • Advanced Group Sessions/Classes ( ages 5 - 7 yrs) - Tuesday and / or Thursdays from 4:30pm - 5:30pm
  • HappyFeet Preschool Classes (ages 2 - 5yrs)


AGES & Time Ages 3 - 5yrs on Tuesdays and/or Thursdays @ 3:30pm-4:00pm
LOCATIONS Various locations in Kona, MaukaWaikoloa
DESCRIPTION This option is great for all parents looking to have their children  participate in a group physical activity program with a focus and structure. Not to mention the "soccer head start". See our current schedule for available locations and times. Click here!!
 See below for more information on our program.
MORE INFO Developmentally age appropriate advanced soccer skills and concepts. Increase social skills. Boost self confidence. Play with friends. We reccomend one training session per week and participation in the soccer league that is offered seasonally. Classes are 30 minutes in length, filled with movement, creativity, co-ordination and our unique Happyfeet fun methods.For more information on our Community Group classes / sessions, contact Shannel Apina for details.


AGES 5 - 7 yrs on Tuesdays and/or Thursdays @ 4:30 - 5:30pm
LOCATIONS Various locations in Kona, MaukaWaikoloa
DESCRIPTION This program offers a smooth transition for HappyFeet age players before they move into the older competitive soccer leagues. This program is meant for the player who is showing interest in the sport of soccer, has possibly participated in the HappyFeet league and classes a few times, and wants to learn and enhance their basic skills in an environment with like-minded young players and qualified coaches. See our current schedule for available times and locations. Click here!!!
MORE INFO Outline of a typical HappyFeet Advanced one-hour session includes but not limited too: Fun constructive warm ups, Quick thinking games, Individual ball mastery work,  1 v 1 games, finishing/scoring activities, meaningful small sided games. Coaches start using correct soccer terminlogy in a age appropriate manner. Focus is on individual development - moulding BRAVE. CREATIVE, COMMUNICATING LEADERS for soccer and LIFE.

Happy Stones - Developmental Milestones covered but not limited too in our curriculum


AGES 2 - 5 years
LOCATIONS Ask Pre-schools in your area! Our Happyfeet coaches come to your Pre-school during regular school hours, normally between 8.30am - 11.30am to perform our HappyFeet FUN, SOCCER related FITNESS classes. Sign up month to month.
MORE INFO See below for program descriptions. If you do not see your school listed, contact
Shannel Apina   - happyfeethawaii@gmail.com
for details on how to add HappyFeet to your child's PreSchool or DayCare.


Email: Shannel Apina - Director happyfeethawaii@gmail.com
or phone: 808.430.2811  with any questions

Pre-School and Community Classes Ages - 2 - 5yrs

Stories & Games... On the Child's Level

Happy Feet classes are 30 minutes in length (National Association for Sports & Physical Education recommendation). Every child constantly has a ball. HappyFeet uses nursery rhymes, songs, stories and fun games with a soccer ball to maximize motor skill development. Two and three year olds love acting out nursery rhymes and songs. Four and five year olds have a blast with stories and fun games. The HappyFeet ball is called "Bob the Bobcat"! Kids love taming their "Bobcat"!

Your child, the superstar!
HappyFeet themes make your child a star in his/her own imaginary movie. He/she will love pretending to be one of our soccer playing movie characters! Our fun approach ensures your child an absolute blast while developing elite physical skills and self-concept. The HappyFeet curriculum is designed to gradually develop ever more advanced physical skills and self-belief. HappyFeet is age and skill level appropriate.

While pretending to be a "Star", your child will learn to skillfully perform some of the most difficult moves in soccer. You will be amazed when you see your 3 year old performing advanced dribbling skills after just a few weeks in the program! He/she will also work extensively on striking the ball to score goals.

To make sure very child has a positive experience, HappyFeet classes are non-competitive. We use fun techniques to train advanced motor skills, dynamic dribbling, shooting skills and fitness.

HappyFeet Advanced - Ages 5 - 7 yrs.  ..........The Next Level
If your child wishes to further her/his soccer education she/he can join one of our Advanced one hour sessions or Leagues. Coached by a HappyFeet Certified Coach. These teams play in HappyFeet recreational leagues where the focus is your child's creative skill development. All players are placed on teams with their friends. We make sure your child has a great time, develops quickly and looks forward to HappyFeet soccer more than anything else he/she does on a weekly basis!

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HappyFeet Locations
  • Greenwell Fields (Yano Hall)
  • Pualani Fields (Blue Park)
  • Waikoloa (Coming Soon)