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We at HappyFeet Hawaii are very pleased to bring our program to the Islands.  We are delighted to bring on board Shannel Apina as Director of Programs; after several years of direction under South African native Brandon Williams and Kona's own Camilo Ramirez; together we offer this unique and wonderful early childhood enrichment product.

HappyFeet is so much more than just a soccer program. It is a place where kids (and adults) can get lost in a creative story and songs that takes them to all sorts of wonderful places. One of the favorites seems to be the zoo or beach where the kids get to run into all kinds of different animals. While on that journey you will notice they learn all sorts of great movements and soccer skills like the scissors, tick tocks, tip toes, pull backs, etc. The children practice movement, spacial awareness, balance, and communication as well. We love to see the kids get deeper and deeper in to the stories each week, smiling as they sing the songs, and marvel at how quickly they learn some of the most complicated soccer skills the game has to offer.

If you would like to see more of what they are doing each week make sure and sign up for our upcoming Leagues! They are a great way to join in on the action and see a little bit of what we do in our classes, and apply it to the soccer field!

The HappyFeet Legends International organization is a unique one with a rich history. We welcome you to read a little bit about our history!



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HappyFeet Locations
  • Greenwell Fields (Yano Hall)
  • Pualani Fields (Blue Park)
  • Waikoloa (Coming Soon)