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Benefits for Schools

Every Child Can Enjoy

Soccer’s popularity within the suburban household has exploded over the last few years. Being a part of the local soccer league has become a staple of every childhood regardless of gender. By offering HappyFeet classes at your school, you have guaranteed that every child will want to participate unlike many dance and karate classes which tend to discourage half the school population due to gender stereotypes.

Additionally, HappyFeet can help to market your school! Parents look for schools that have a variety of quality offerings that will benefit their child. We'll give a 'prospective family enrollment packet' that you can distribute to help sell your school.

Build Staff Loyalty
Staff kids enjoy HappyFeet class for free. Staff kids attending class for free is just another perk keeping your staff happy with their job!

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HappyFeet Locations
  • Greenwell Fields (Yano Hall)
  • Pualani Fields (Blue Park)
  • Waikoloa (Coming Soon)