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HappyFeet Hawaii is so much MORE then a Soccer Program!

Date Posted: 6/11/2014

The HappyFeet Soccer Program

MUCH more than SOCCER!

The HappyFeet curriculum is designed to provide a variety of developmental benefits for your budding soccer star, encompassing all facets of early childhood education. Through repeated exposure to our age appropriate classes, each child engages in activities that foster physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development. These areas are the foundations for success in adult life, and our program adopts a holistic approach to fitness and soccer!

Here are Seven Reasons why HappyFeet is a Staple Component of the Early Childhood curriculum!

1. HappyFeet is LOTS of FUN!

The HappyFeet program aims for every child to develop positive associations with soccer, sports, and physical activity. The array of stories, songs, and games we include in a typical happyfeet class keeps children engaged and excited to PLAY every week! Establishing regular habits at a young age is vital to lifelong participation in sports and exercise. We strive to show young children that physical activity and soccer is a BLAST!

2. HappyFeet is Active Learning!

A Happyfeet class helps children develop core academic skills, especially in language and literacy. Learning through movement is widely regarded as a young child's preferred learning method, and we provide a platform for each individual to develop an understanding of academic concepts through our "story time with a soccer ball" approach. The adventures which children take their soccer ball and games we play also promote critical thinking, creativity, and problem solving - all important attributes for success in school and adult life!

3. HappyFeet Respects and Embraces Diversity!

Whether your child is a soccer fanatic or simply enjoys pretend play, our curriculum caters for all! Each child has their own special soccer ball, who we call "Bob the Bobcat"! Children love playing with "Bob" and transporting their awesome friend to a variety of destinations! Our approach to soccer and fitness enables each child to progress at their own pace as they improve gross motor and foundational soccer skills. Developing a sense of confidence and comfort in each child's movement capabilities is a major goal of our program, and our developmentally appropriate curriculum enables our coaches to meet the needs of each unique individual!

4. HappyFeet Assists With Complete Brain Development!

Physical activity has the potential to stimulate and promote neurological development in early childhood. Happyfeet classes are very dynamic and involve lots of movement, which can subsequently have a positive impact on the child's developing brain! When movement and learning occur simultaneously, as is often apparent during our thought provoking and stimulating soccer adventures in class, both the right and left side of the brain communicate. This total brain involvement arguably enhances the connection to the academic material, as the whole child (body and mind) is actively involved in their learning experience. Using math as an example, on a soccer adventure to the movie theatre a child may need to perform 10 "toe taps" in order to receive their movie ticket. After completing 6 "toe taps" for the first ticket attendant, they are asked how many more soccer "toe taps' they need to perform for the second attendant to receive their ticket? The answer is 4! :) In our younger children, the communication between both sides of the brain also assists in developing a child's ability to cross the midline, an important skill required for reading and writing!

5. HappyFeet Improves Performance Related Fitness!

The dynamic nature of a happyfeet class engages children in moderate to vigorous intensity exercise throughout their fun soccer session! Prolonged periods of movement help build stronger bones and muscles, enhance the efficiency of vital organs, and also improve a child's balance, coordination, and agility.Developing such a variety of fitness components not only gives each child the foundation to be successful in soccer and sports, it also enables children to PLAYfor more sustained periods. Early childhood education highlights the importance of free PLAYand its impact on learning in young children, and happyfeet classes help develop the physical attributes for kiddos to explore and discover their unique world!

6. HappyFeet Builds Self-Confidence!

An important component of social and emotional development is confidence and belief in one's own abilities. As young children typically view themselves by their physical characteristics, our goal is to ensure every child in a happyfeet class feels empowered and successful! Our focus on each individual enables our coaches to modify activities for the unique interests and needs of the learner. Accompanied by plentiful high fives and lots of positive reinforcement, the happyfeet program puts children on the path to become lifelong participants in soccer, sports, and physical activity!

7. HappyFeet makes activities personally meaningful for ALL!

An important component of early childhood education is making activities meaningful and relevant for every learner. Young children develop their understanding of the world through concrete experiences with their environment, which they find interesting and intriguing.The developmentally appropriate happyfeet curriculum enables each child to personalize their experience with physical activity and soccer, by providing every participant with opportunities for input during our adventures and games! Our budding soccer stars can pick their favorite superhero during "Superhero Soccer", drive their favorite race car on our quest to find "Soccer Town", and select their favorite breakfast food to provide to the hungry villagers! Our creative and innovative approach to soccer and fitness enables children to enhance their cognitive growth and have even more FUN in soccer as they place their imprint on a happyfeet class!

Oh and by the way, did we mention HappyFeet also teaches children how to play soccer? :) Each child has their own soccer ball for the duration of the HappyFeet class, and our unique approach gives your child the skills they need to succeed on the field!

Article Author: Gary Lynch

For any questions or for more information on the above, please contact Brandon Williams at 864-497-2419 or email: brandon.happyfeethawaii@gmail.com

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