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Turn off Fear; Turn on Creativity

Date Posted: 10/9/2015

Below is an email or article written by a very forward thinking - youth soccer academy club Director of Coaching in Kona, Hawaii.
I truly support this idea and so does the HappyFeet Hawaii program.
At HappyFeet our slogan that we emphasize in our sessions is: “Brave, Creative Leaders” that can communicate well.
The below email/article is referring to the idea of “let kids be kids in sport, offer guidance, offer much positive feedback for all new things tried and created even if the outcome is not a goal or a great play , avoid penalizing players for trying something creative or experimental , especially in the early developing years” which probably only ends around 13 or 14 yrs. old for most youth club and organized soccer players.
Also when players are in the game mode on weekends, parents and others should try at all costs to avoid coaching them from the sides and forcing your ideas of what should have been done or should be done in your opinion. Let the coach guide them through a game. Then the young developing player can experience it all. The way it should be.

This is the email to parents.....

Creativity ...

Soccer, when played with our philosophy and style is a creative art.  When the creativity flows, the soccer flows.  Our style and curriculum allows for a high propensity for creative moments.  The game of LIFE (our coaching philosophy and methods) creates the platform for the brain to be creative.

Recently, scientists on the East Coast released findings from a study where creativity was investigated.  They wanted to ask, 'where does creativity come from?'  Is there a specific part of the brain that is responsible for creative moments or innovation?  They went on the search for parts of the brain that "light up" when creative concert pianists were playing free style piano.  What they found was interesting, and opposite of what they set out searching for.  They found that a large frontal portion of the brain "lights OFF" when creativity is happening.  So creativity wasn't about what part of the brain is making it, it was about what part of the brain must turn off to allow it.  The frontal part of the brain is all about your self-perception, your rules you live by, your inhibitions, and fear.  Fear comes from the frontal lobe.  These scientists discovered that in order to spark creativity, the brain must shut off its ability to feel fear or inhibition.  This is why we do not pressure our players to win, for they will only respond with a fear of losing.  Without a focus on winning, the players are free of inhibition, free of fear, and free to be creative. 


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